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* San Luis Obispo: 805-878-8949 * Santa Maria: 805-878-8955

LAGS Outreach Team.

LAGS Recovery Centers, Inc. Mobile Mental Wellness Outreach Team was created to help mitigate mental health crises on the streets. We will have two teams working on the streets, one in Santa Maria and a second in San Luis Obispo County. Housed individuals generally have easier access to mental health treatments; therefore, this project is focusing on the homeless, however it is not exclusively for unhoused people. Through concerted and collaborative efforts, we seek to help support individuals living in the community who may need additional professional supports to manage emotions, circumstances and help identify when emergency services are needed, and when non-emergency services are best utilized.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of the Mobile Mental Wellness Team is to improve the delivery of behavioral health treatments and supports to people, primarily, living on the streets, while reducing first responder calls and high frequency usage of emergency services, both medical and law enforcement, by engaging with people regularly and referring or providing services before they reach the level of crisis. The Mobile Mental Wellness team will also coordinate with the Alternative Treatment Courts;
Mental Health/Substance Use/Veterans Court to assist people who are already justice involved to meet courtordered treatment plans and to assist with reentry.

What is our goal?

  • To improve the access to mental health and substance use treatments for people in the community/living on the streets
  • Reduce high frequency use of emergency services for non-emergent needs
  • Strengthen the network of support for chronically homeless individuals
  • Shift the trajectory of the delivery of mental illness to chronically homeless on the streets

The LAGS Mobile Mental Wellness Teams are comprised of outreach teams, trained to meet with and respond to non-emergent calls in the community. These teams can and will meet with people living on the streets, to check on their mental wellness and assist when and where possible. Through the utilization of the Mobile Mental Wellness Team, we seek to reach people before they reach the level of crisis. We intend to meet people on the streets to either provide them with the mental health supports they need or help connect them to appropriate resources.

Meet our Mobile Mental Wellness Team

Mobile Mental Wellness Member

Francine Tillman – MS APCC Mental Health Clinician.

Greetings, I’m new to this organization but have always found myself called to community service both personally and professionally. Previous work include supporting clients at CDCR California Men’s Colony. I was able to see and receive feedback about what many newly releasing individuals need to not return to prison. I also spent a significant part of my career working as a certified teacher and athletic coach. I’m also honored to have served in the US Army and look forward to providing support with my unique experience as a veteran. Thank you for allowing our team the opportunity to partner in this important community endeavor.

Mobile Mental Wellness Member

Pablo Andrade-ArreolaCase Manager.

Hello, my name is Pablo and I am a Case Manager with LAGS Recovery Centers, Inc. I previously worked at Allan Hancock College in the Counseling Office as an Administrative Assistant and in the Testing Center as a Testing Specialist. Having a niche with people, I decided to focus on a field of work that is dedicated to helping others, which is the mental health field. I am eager to start this journey and begin engaging with our community members in order to help those in need.