Road 2 Recovery Integrated Care Center



My name is Javier, I am a 37-year-old recovering alcoholic and substance abuser. I have been drinking and taking substances since I was 27 years old. I came with a lot of problems and I was enrolled here for domestic violence. I looked for help on my own and asked my probation officer where I could go to receive help. I am grateful for the help that the staff at LAGS Recovery Centers, Inc. gave me. I drank every day and I took drugs and was really addicted to crystal meth. Now, I have let go of the drugs and I am grateful for my wife for staying by my side. In August, I will be sober for a year now. I have received my certificate for this program and that made me really happy. My fellow group mates helped me a lot. Thank to this program I have gotten my family back together and cleaned up my act. This program made me realize what I was doing wrong and helped me see things in a new light. My mindset has changed and I no longer blame my wife and know that I was the problem. This program helped me talk about what I did and it also helped me get the support that I needed. When I arrived at this program, I didn’t have a place to stay as I had a restraining order and the staff helped me find a place to stay and shower. The AA group I attend also helped me as well and continues to do so. A couple of days ago my brother passed away, but I didn’t drink and instead faced my emotions head on. Now I don’t want to drink or take substances and the smile on my family’s faces makes me stay motivated. I am thankful to God for everything that he has done to get my life and myself intact. I am thankful for this program and it’s staff every day.

My name is Maria, I am a 38-year-old recovering alcoholic, and I have been drinking since I was 12 years old. I was also a previous meth user. I could not function without alcohol and began binge drinking to the point of passing out. With the transition from meth to alcohol, my life spiraled out of control. Thankfully, MAT services have helped me get back on track during my recent recovery at LAGS. I came back to the program in January of 2022. When I arrived, I found out that I had a warrant for my arrest. The staff in this program facilitated with probation to give me a second chance in this program. It was the best feeling ever to get a fresh start. I went to the program looking for Vicky, and this program gave me the discipline with a sturdy structure and accountability. Unfortunately, the last program I went to made me feel like I was getting away with my actions. Eventually, I became tired of the way they weren’t taking things seriously. I knew that I needed the structure that LAGS could provide. Through LAGS, I have now been 6 1/2 months sober and I have never been happier. Everyone notices how much I have grown and thrived, even my nieces and nephews. My mindset has changed and I am thankful for God every day and the personal connection I have with him.

My name is Eduardo, I am a 35-year-old recovering alcoholic and substance abuser. I came with a lot of problems and I was charged with domestic violence. I am grateful for the help that the staff at LAGS Recovery gave me. Before I was enrolled in the program, I had no job and I was homeless. I started staying at the shelter for about 4 months and I felt that there was no solution to my problems. Meanwhile, I was enrolled into this program at the same time and it made me feel good and like I was in a safe space to express myself. When I was 3 months into the program, I felt good and I had various opportunities and my life was changing for the better. Now I am doing amazing and I’m grateful for where I am right now, thanks to the support I received from the staff at LAGS Recovery Centers and from my fellow group members for taking the time to listen to my story and help me move forward. The only thing missing from my life is my family, but I know with time things will get better. The groups that this program had me attend was a great help as it helped me to open up and express everything that I felt. My counselor was an amazing person who helped me when I has lost all hope that I could get better. Now I am residing in sober living and in recovery.