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Recovery Starts With Connection: We Are Community - We Are Santa Maria!

Recognizing Disparities & Diversities:

We are made up of many parts: neighbors, parents, siblings, friends – Family by blood, or Family by heart.

We all have something in common – Addiction.  Addiction in someone we love, someone we have loved, or someone we know through family or friends. Addiction manages to touch everyone in some way, somehow.

Some will come out on the other end in recovery, some will die and some never escape. What is addiction and how can YOU come out safely on the other end if it has a grip on you?

"The opposite of addiction isn't abstinence, it's connection." -Johann Hari

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Addiction is the hijacking of one’s brain and life.  It can take hold when you aren’t looking. It doesn’t discriminate. But you don’t have to let it take control. 

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Treatment is a partnership with the treatment team and the client. It is walking the hard walk, and finding the best treatment plan with the user, to help them be successful. 

Watching a friend or family member wrestle with addiction is never easy. We’ve compiled some helpful resources you can use to understand addiction and learn how you can provide the best support possible. 

Get the help you need from local resources. Whether you are in need of food, medical care or legal assistance, there are many groups and organizations prepared to lend a helping hand.